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Air Conditioning at Camp

We are excited to announce that this summer, in time for the opening of summer camp, all of our lodges and dining halls at Cedarledge and Tuckaho will be air-conditioned! We know from requests from our members that having a place for campers to be able to enjoy mealtime in an air-conditioned dining hall, as well as have cool places to gather during the day will enhance our campers experience at camp. This much requested improvement is being made possible by community investment in Girl Scouts through the Her Future is Our Future Campaign. Watch for more information in the upcoming issue of 2023 Camp Adventure Guide to be released December 1, 2022.

Programs that Reach all Girls – Live from Girl Scouts

The Her Future is Our Future campaign is making possible the continuation of accessible programming for Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri members, like Live from Girl Scouts. This program allows girls from across eastern Missouri to access innovative, badge-earning program opportunities, right from their own homes. Developed during the pandemic, the first season the Live from Girl Scouts was a huge success and since then we have provided more than 10,000 program experiences to our Girl Scouts through three seasons. Season 4 kicked off this October and will offer another 18 badge-earning opportunities with material boxes mailed directly to homes. This program is valued at $30-$35 but thanks to community support girls pay only $10 to participate. These virtual opportunities can be used as a troop meeting for a group, or for families who want to help their Girl Scout explore a new interest or learn a new skill.

Innovative Program Opportunities, Brownie Bundle

The Her Future is Our Future Comprehensive Campaign is making possible the creation and expansion of innovative new program opportunities that will provide Girl Scouts and volunteers with the skills and support needed to encourage skill-building and badge earning opportunities. Based on the success of the Daisy Drop Box program and recommendations from troop leaders, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri will roll-out the new Brownie Bundle program in Fall 2023. Like the Daisy Drop Box, each Brownie Bundle will contain all the resources volunteers need to hold successful meetings each month, including step-by-step instructions and activity supplies. Stay tuned for more information coming in spring 2023!

Trail Restoration Project Ribbon Cutting Celebration

On September 19, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri and community partner, Spire, cut the ribbon on Camp Fiddlecreek’s Trail Restoration Project, made possible through Spire’s support of the Her Future is Our Future Comprehensive Campaign. To help celebrate the special day, volunteers from Spire performed maintenance on the trail, and will continue to do so as part of their on-going commitment to ensure the sustainability of the trails for girls today and long into the future. As part of the trail restoration project, 12 trail segments have been integrated into the total trail system at Camp Fiddlecreek and will provide Girl Scouts of varying abilities and skill levels the opportunity to experience the outdoors at camp.

STEM Center – Camp Fiddlecreek

The STEM Center at Camp Fiddlecreek is taking shape. Construction is expected to start in early 2023 and the center will sit on the west side of Walker Lake. The STEM Center will give Girl Scouts an immersive STEM experience, including features such as a science lab, digital maker space, and broadcast room for recording podcasts. It will also serve as a gathering place for our Girl Scouts where Program Partners can deliver innovative programs and Robotics teams can meet and practice. The design includes a kitchen to make snacks and meals and even an outdoor classroom. With the Prairie Grass development and Walker Lake a few steps away, outdoor program opportunities will be right outside the door. This STEM Center is one of two centers that will be built over the next several years and is planned to open in 2023. A second STEM Center will be built at Camp Tuckaho.

Ameren Rural Troop Start Up

Thanks to generous support from Ameren Missouri through the Her Future is Our Future Campaign, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri is reaching more girls in rural areas. The Troop Start-Up model is simple – Ameren’s generous support covers the costs to begin a new troop, including staff support and volunteer training, membership fees, uniform pieces and program fees. Once formed, these troops have access to all of the resources GSEM offers, including the ability to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program and raise funds to support their troop moving forward. In the first two years of the program, Ameren’s generous support has made it possible for 584 girls to start their progressive skill-building journey as new Girl Scouts, with the support of 147 new Girl Scout volunteers. These new troops are already earning badges, engaging in community service, participating in camping programs and growing their leadership skills.

Uniform Assistance Fund 

For more than a century, Girl Scouts have proudly worn distinctive uniforms that symbolize the high ideals for which the organization stands. Through the Her Future is Our Future Campaign an established Uniform Assistance Fund removes financial barriers so all girls can develop essential leadership life skills while looking—and feeling their best. The Uniform Assistance Fund makes available age-appropriate uniform pieces to families who need assistance purchasing uniform components such as sashes or tunics, troop numerals, American Flag patch and the council identification set.

Camp Fiddlecreek – Prairie Grass

The development of the Prairie at Camp Fiddlecreek is underway! In July the layout of the prairie outside the Dining Hall Multi-Purpose Building at Camp Fiddlecreek was completed by Compass Native Landscape, the council’s partner on the Prairie Grass Development Project.

Based on recommendations from volunteers, the prairie will include sections and walking paths for programming and nature exploration, and immersion. There will be a 19,000 square-foot section in the middle of the prairie that will allow for a gathering area to be used for traditional events such as flag ceremonies and lunches on the hillside, as well as a sledding lane during winter snows. When visiting Fiddlecreek this summer and fall please take time to visit the site, walk it, experience it and imagine how it will grow and develop.

The first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps and the third year it leaps is the rule of thumb for prairie development.

Camp Cedarledge – Trail System

This summer the first step in the development of the trails at Camp Cedarledge was an assessment of the existing trails. The network of trails at Cedarledge encompasses more than five miles of camp property. There are numerous points of interest, ecological sites and rock formations that are part of the system. The preservation of the unique ecological areas on the trail such as Elephant Rocks and Natural Bridge Trail will be enhanced with informational signs that will help campers learn along the way. Camp Cedarledge provides an opportunity for primitive trails for the more experienced hiker to more developed trails for those new to hiking. Work on this network of trails will begin later this year. Watch for more information and updates through the e-newsletter and social media posts.

Camp Cedarledge and Camp Fiddlecreek – Play Experiences

Our family of free play structures is growing! Building on the success of the Spider Net Climber at Camp Fiddlecreek we are adding two new play structures: one at Camp Fiddlecreek and one at Camp Cedarledge. These play structures will provide another destination where campers can go to have fun and make new friends. They will add a new element to a camper’s outdoor experience. Campers will use their imagination to play on the structures and try new things that they can do independently at their own pace. Both play structures will be available for girls 5-18. Locations for the structures are being finalized and will be announced in next month’s e-newsletter.

Camp Fiddlecreek – Prairie Grass

“The first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps and the third year it leaps!” This is how the development of a prairie is often described.

The two-acre hillside outside the Dining Hall Multipurpose Building at Camp Fiddlecreek is the site of the Prairie Grass Development Project. Preparation of the site for the prairie is beginning this summer. Based on recommendations from a group of volunteers, the prairie will include sections for programming and nature exploration and immersion, walking paths, a lane for sled riding in the winter and a gathering area for events where camp traditions such as flag ceremonies and lunch on the hillside can continue. Over the course of several years this area will come alive with many different native plants.

All Camp Properties – Gates and Security

In the coming months, all three camp main entries will have new gates equipped with video monitoring and keypad entry systems to ensure the security and safety of our Girl Scouts. Above is a rendering of what to expect.

Launch Into Girl Scouts – Pre-K Program

Starting Kindergarten is a big step and thanks to PNC’s support of the Her Future is Our Future Campaign, preschool girls can register for this robust Pre-K program and get a head start on learning as they try new things, make new friends, and go on new adventures, virtually and in-person. Each participant receives packets delivered right to their door throughout the summer that include themed activities. A champion for early childhood education, PNC is helping Girl Scouts develop the next generation of leaders and cultivating entrepreneurship opportunities.

Camp Fiddlecreek – Trail Restoration

The trail restoration project at Camp Fiddlecreek is now complete! Whether climbing the stairs up one of the hills on the Trail of the Rising Sun/Borderline Trail, traversing Ridge Top Trail or exploring Mossy Top, the trails at Fiddlecreek represent the rich history of this camping property. The newly-renovated trails offer girls of all ages a challenging adventure and immersion into the natural beauty of Fiddlecreek. Troops and groups that are registered for camp for the day or weekend can use the trails while on site.

Girls hiking the trail will experience a variety of switchbacks that take them through the woods and help them navigate steep terrain. There are small creek fords, which are rocks placed at low-lying creeks and on wetter portions of the trail that aid with navigation. The new trails also have several log bridges that were added to improve the hiking experience for members.

Signage and wayfinding are another focus of the trail restoration at Camp Fiddlecreek and member input has been an integral part of the process.

Signage will be high-visibility and let users know they are entering a trail, as well as provide information about the trail. Girls will be able to chart their progress by following the mile markers and directional signage. New signage, maps, trail programs and interpretative information will be introduced later this year.

The trail restoration project at Camp Fiddlecreek was made possible by Spire, as part of the Her Future is Our Future Campaign. In addition to funding support, Spire employees will perform maintenance on the trails such as clearing vegetation and limb removal.

Camp Tuckaho – Adventure Center

Thanks to the generosity of Edward Jones, as part of the Her Future is Our Future Campaign, in the spring of 2021 a new High Ropes Challenge Course opened at Camp Tuckaho.

Council has now entered the design phase of the Edward Jones Adventure Center at Camp Tuckaho. This center will give Girl Scouts of all ages an opportunity to be challenged, have fun and share experiences with other Girl Scouts. The cornerstone of the Adventure Center will be free play elements where girls can have a self-propelled, independent experience. More updates will be forthcoming as the project progresses.

Camp Cedarledge – Archery Range

Camp Cedarledge’s new ADA accessible Archery Range opened this June! Girl Scouts of all abilities attending overnight and troop camp throughout the summer will have the opportunity to participate in archery programs at the new range located in the field near Cliff’s End and Golden Glade.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri is grateful to Bass Pro/Cabella’s for their support of this project as part of the Her Future is Our Future Campaign.

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